Delaware Beach Engagement Portraits

Spring is a time of love and hope and if you are a newly engaged couple a great time for engagement portraits. Your engagement is an exciting time. No matter if you are planning a big or small wedding engagement portraits are a great way to capture your love. These portraits can show your love and personality as a couple.

Whom you choose to capture these images can make a big difference in the look and feel of the photos of this treasured time in your lives. We are living in a digital era where everyone can take photos so you as a consumer must be the judge of what you like and what you think that service is worth to you. Look online for images you like and look for a photographer that has work that matches that style. If you are unsure about a wedding photographer doing an engagement session with one of your top choices could be a great way to test the photographer for your wedding day before you sign a contract. Many wedding photographers include the engagement session in the wedding package. If you are unsure about a photographer ask if after the session the price paid for the engagement session could be applied towards your wedding package deposit should you decide to book.

There are many benefits to an engagement session.

• There fun!!! You get to have a special time of kissing and cuddling the one you love.

• They can be used for many parts of the wedding for example: Online website planning of your wedding day, Save The Date cards, Online profile, Newspaper announcements, decorations at the reception, and treasured portraits to decorate your home.

• Test out your photographer before the wedding and be truly honest with yourself and your photographer about what you think of the photos

• This is also a great time for your photographer to get to know you before the day of the wedding

Tips for great engagement photos

• Don’t be afraid to give ideas to your photographer

• Bring props, a picnic basket and blanket, something with your wedding date, your pets, show off your hobbies or mutual interest.

• Pick a spot or setting that is special to the two of you or captures the look and feel that you want in your images.

• Talk to your photographer about what you want, yes photographers understand lighting and poses but the more you are open with your photographer the more that photographer can personalize your session.

• Clothing is also very important so talk to your photographer about clothing choices for the type of photos that you are looking for. You can also look online at the type of photos you like and how the people are dressed. Clothing makes a difference.

• Hair and makeup can also make a big difference in photos. Do not assume that your photographer is going to Photoshop every single image.

• Relax and have fun!!! 2015-02-18_0001.jpg 2015-02-18_0002.jpg 2015-02-18_0003.jpg 2015-02-18_0004.jpg 2015-02-18_0005.jpg

Escudero Photography would love to capture your wedding and engagment portraits

Escudero Photography


302-389-8593 (Office)

302-932-0724 (Cell)

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