We never knew how this business could affect our children’s lives

First State Military Academy

First State Military Academy

In November we where asked by Kevin Phillipson, who is owner and Publisher of the Kent County Woman’s Journal  and also on the founding board of the First State Military Academy,   to capture some images of the families touring the FSMA Open house.

While we where there we both went on separate tours to capture the families and the grounds. That is when we both realized what an amazing opportunity this school will be for the students who attend. This full time JrROTC Charter school is not what it appears to be from the outside. They are working hard to rebuild and improve the grounds in Clayton Delaware to be an amazing educational experience for the Cadets that get the privilege of walking these halls this fall. That is when we decided to sign our daughter up for this amazing opportunity and she is very excited about the opportunity to go to this New Tech JrROTC one of a kind school located right in Clayton Delaware. If you are looking for your next year 9th or 10th grader to have a new experience in school you need to check out this school before all the spots are taken.

If you are interested in learning more check out the FAQ page on their website.

Escudero Photography would like to wish FSMA a very smooth opening and wonderful future.

Photo by Escudero Photography

Photo by Escudero Photography

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