Painting with Light a Delaware Dune Buggy

Art contacted us a few weeks ago about a unique photo he wanted to capture. He was looking to capture photos of his Dune Buggy. So we started talking about some ideas and why he wanted to takes photos of his Kit Car Dune Buggy. He came up with a great spot and so we meet up to capture these creative images in Clayton Delaware

Art is starting a VW and Kit Car club. This club would be a great networking activity for people who have Kit Cars or VW and are looking to get them on them fixed up and on the road. The club will talk about anything VW or Kit Car related and will be a great opportunity to talk to other owners of these cars. If you would like to get more information about this club please contact Art at

Hope you enjoy the photos.

For more information on our services please visit our website at 

Delaware photographer painting with light

Cristian Escudero captures this image of a Dune Buggy on a Delaware Sunset

Photography of Dune Buggy

This is a photo of a Dune Buggy captured with a style of photography called painting with light. This image was captured in Clayton Delaware

Painting with Light By Escudero Photography in Clayton Delaware

Delaware photographers Katherine and Cristian Escudero are working hard to provide unique images such as this painting with light photo of a Dune Buggy

Arts Green Barn Dune Buggy and Kit Car VW

This photo was captured of Art and his Dune Buggy

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