FAQ about Escudero Photography Wedding Photography in Clayton Delaware

FAQ about Our Wedding Photography

Escudero Photography

Q. What is your photography style?

A) We mix styles we love to capture the traditional family photos because those are timeless and very important. Katherine loves to capture as much and possible in natural light or low flash to give more of a glow to the photos. Cristian likes to use several flashes and capture bold vivid colors. We do not like to pose the whole day. We like to have our time to capture some romantic and artistic images. For the ceremony and reception, we look for the best angle to capture as much as we can of your day as it happens without pulling you away to pose and look at the camera during your time to enjoy this special moment in your lives.

Q. How many hours is full day photography?

A) From the time you ask us to arrive to the end of the reception or you let us know we are done that day.

Q. How many photos do I receive from my Wedding Day?

A) Depends on the flow of the day and the amount of time normal range is somewhere around 700 for full day photography but it could be more or less depending on the day. Each Wedding is unique and different so you could have 500 you could have 1000 it varies with the flow and needs of your wedding.

Q. How much do additional prints cost?

A) Please visit the copyright released gallery in our private gallery section of our website to see a full list of prices.

Q. How many photographers do I get for my Wedding Day?

A) We are a husband and wife team and work together to fully capture your wedding day. You will have 2 professional photographers any time you book with us for your wedding.

Q. Can I reduce the price of the package by getting just one photographer?

A) No. We work together and feel most comfortable working together as a team. This is for your protection and advantage to have 2 cameras capturing your day at all times and it’s the only way we book weddings now.

Q. Can I get a 4-hour or less package for wedding photography?

A) This is something we no longer do for a traditional wedding. If you are having a weekday small private ceremony like going to the courthouse or 20 or less people attending your service we can talk about an hourly rate but this will have to be looked at on a case by case bases.

Q. Can I print my photos anywhere I choose with the copyright released images that are included in the package?

A) Yes, You have full rights to your photos though we do ask that you use our preferred online labs and that you do not take your photos to Wal-Mart or a drug store for print. Their printers do not give you the vibrant rich colors that your photos should have. Different printers provide different results for the final image.

Q.  How long have you been in business?

A) We photographed our first wedding in 2005 and became professional photographers in 2007.

Q. How many weddings have you photographed?

A) Honestly for some reason I have never keep up with the total number I would say we have photographed well over 100+ weddings and if you include our photo booths the number is around 300

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