Delaware School Photography by a local photographer

Escudero Photography in Clayton Delaware has expanded to offer school portrait photography. We have the training, the equipment, and the ability to provide you with the same services that you are receiving from your current school photographer but with the benefit of being a local and trustworthy company.

As parents of young school age children, we have seen the rising cost of school photography and we believe a new and affordable packaging needs to be offered with today’s economy. We also believe that with school budget cuts that this is a great opportunity to raise additional funds by having more of the profits given back, directly into the hands of schools. Senior portraits have also become far too expensive for the limited services offered

Our plan is to address the cost of packages. We are willing to meet and discuss prices with parents or PTO at your school to customize package options so that everyone wins. For fund raising, we feel that a percentage of total sales of any photos taken at the school should be given back to the school for the funds to be used at the school choice. We are willing to speak with you about what your current company is offering and discuss options about how we can increase the amount of fundraising to even more than offered by your current photographer.

Senior Portraits are our passion and we have a dream to work with local photographers to fully capture the senior’s personality and individuality of each senior. With the amount of time that you have to work with the seniors at the school, we feel that the causal photos should be completely removed from the school setting and that only cap and gown and yearbook photos should be captured at the school level. This is where our company and other local photographers come into the plan. We would like the casual senior portraits to be directed to a list of recommended local photographers. This would then help to grow other local business and give the seniors much better portraits than any photographer can offer for time that you have at the school.

We believe that with the support of your school and other local photographers, our plan will be more beneficial to the school as far as fundraising, customer satisfaction, and affordability go. As local photographers we have the ability to offer more affordable and better-designed packages that will help grow and promote local photography businesses, keeping more funds in the local community. At the same time, we can continue to offer all the same services that you need and expect from your school photographer.

Please contact us today so that we can speak in more detail about our plans and how we can be of service to your school.


Katherine Escudero

Co-Owner Escudero Photography

PO Box 419

401 Main Street

Clayton De 19938

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