Senior Portraits: Summer 2013!

Senior Portraits DelawareSenior Portraits DelawareIt’s the time of year for Senior Portraits. Whether you just graduated or is graduating in 2014, June is the best time of year to take senior portraits. The weather is usually a little more cooperative at this time of year than it has been lately in Smyrna and Clayton, but Escudero Photography has plenty of indoor portrait options as well. If you’re looking for something different, there are many places to take pictures and they could be as close are your backyard.

Delaware PhotographersWhile we do have other posts that go in to more detail on how to prepare for your senior portaits, there are some general rules to follow.Prom pictures professional photographer

Be yourself: Don’t go overboard  with makeup or newhairstyles. This doesn’t mean have a messy bun  and wear sweatpants, but be comfortable and confident.

Be neat: Remember to shave your face or legs before coming in for pictures. Make sure your hair is washed and keep your face from shining with oil-blotting papers. Photoshop can not fix everything.

Smyrna Basketball Picture

Be excited: CONGRATULATIONS! Being a senior and graduating is a huge part of growing up. Smile and have enthusiasm for your pictures. If you aren’t a morning person, don’t schedule your appointment for 9:00am. This moment is about you and you should enjoy it.

smyrna high school senior portraits

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