Introducing Instant Access of Event Images on a Smart Phone and Website!

            Are you tired of having to wait to see your friends wedding pictures? Isn’t the excitement just killing you to see all those pictures the photographer snapped away at the recent event you went too? Well, Escudero Photography has found a fix to that wait! With our expertise in modern technology and equipment, we can now provide what we call “Live Upload.” Viewable on a Smart Phone app, Live Upload provides a lot of excitement and personalization to any wedding, birthday party, sporting event, graduation party, or any event of which Escudero Photography may be of service to you.

            Through any smart phone, whether it be an iPhone or Android; unedited images from your event quickly load to a private gallery on an app called My Proofs. With the My Proofs app, guests can log on to a private, password protected gallery. This gallery includes all unedited images taken by our two professional photographers. The unedited images can then be downloaded to a phone and saved for many years to come. Guests also have the option to purchase professional prints of the unedited photos.

            The private gallery also provides guests who don’t have smart phones the opportunity to watch the images on a projector. The projector can display images as they are being taken. In the case of a big event with many activities going on, this option is really fun because guests wont feel as if they have missed a special memory!

            Our professional photographers trust that the images they shoot are of great quality, and will look great as raw, unedited images on the My Proofs app. However, for some events, such as weddings we do go back after the event an edit all images. The unedited images will be replaced with our edited images, as soon as they become available. This provides a great opportunity for family and friends who may not be able to attend the event to see the pictures from afar.

            These unique options really set Escudero Photography apart from other photographers in the Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Philadelphia area. Where else can you see your professional images the day of your event on a smart phone or private gallery? Here at Escudero Photography, we can make that happen. Escudero Photography strives to provide quality images to our clients so that they remember their event for a lifetime.


If you’d like to see how this app works, follow these simple steps:

1)   Download “My Proofs” from your smart phone app store

2)   Enter your email address

3)   For photographer name, type “Escudero”

You are now ready to click on the “portfolio” option to view images. You will find sample galleries of pictures we have recently taken. Isn’t this a cool feature?

Instant Access to Event Images

Scan this QR code to download our app!

           Be sure to contact us for your next event, or stop by our studio located on Main Street in Clayton, Delaware to learn more about what we can offer to you as a professional photography company. You can also visit our website at or check us out on Facebook and Twitter to keep updated on our latest events! We would love to work with you to capture your most memorable days.

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