Family Portraits: New and Improved!

Delaware large family portrait

Traditional Family Portrait

It’s great when the whole family can get together one afternoon to take a professional portrait. The more people in the family, the more difficult it can be to coordinate schedules. Not to mention one person looking away or blinking can ruin the otherwise perfect picture! Escudero Photography has a solution! Whether or not you can get every one in the same place at the same time no longer matters with our new Panoramic Portait!

Family Portrait Delaware

New: Panoramic Portrait!

This new style of photography differs from the traditional portrait because not everyone has to be there to take it! How is that possible? Any group can come in an individually take their pictures and when the last group takes the picture, the portait can be completed. Each group is added in to create a bigger picture.

Family photographer DelawareThis family took a picture together at the Escudero Photography Studio. Not only do they have this picture to cherish, but they were added to the group family photo as well. Two pictures in half the time!

Family photograph DelawareThis couple is also in the Panoramic Portrait! They took a completely different picture, but they are standing next to their family members in the Panoramic Portrait!

Family pictures make great gifts for grandparents or relatives who live far away. Don’t let another year go by, contact Escudero Photography today.

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