Stephanie and Tim: Wedding Reception

Delaware Family PhotographerStephanie and Tim were married on August 4th, but their wedding reception was held at a different date and location. They celebrated their wedding reception at the Delaware State Troopers Association in Cheswold, Delaware on August 11th. It was a jovial occasion nSmyrna Clayton Cheswold Leipsic Photographerot only because it was a wedding reception, but because it was also a celebration for Stephanie’s parents. They celebrated 50 years of marriage on this day as well. This was a great party full of family and friends and everyone there had a wonderful time.

Delaware Professional Wedding Photographer

Delaware Wedding PhotographyIt is not Portraits Pictures Professional Delawareuncommon for wedding ceremonies and receptions to be split into separate occasions. They are both very monumental occasions in and of themselves. They can certainly stand alone as independent celebrations.


Professional Photographer DelawareWhether your wedding is spread out or all at once, let Escudero Photography take care of your picture needs.

Wedding Photographer Delaware
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