Wedding Picture Ideas

There are plenty of unique angles and poses to keep in mind when searching for the perfect wedding picture. After doing the traditional posed pictures, Escudero Photography makes the artistic and romantic wedding pictures the next priority. So much love can be captured in an opportune moment, but here are some great types of shots to keep in mind:

Hands or Rings
Wedding Ceremony

This photo is a must have for many couples. Hand holding is very symbolic and romantic, making it the perfect picture for a wedding day.

Underneath the Veil

Delaware Wedding Photography

Delaware Professional Photography These types of pictures are so moving and emotional. The portrait with both the bride and groom under the veil speaks volumes of their love and the more traditional pose of the bride before her walk down the aisle captivates that split second of excitement, nervousness and joy.

The Bouquet of Flowers

Delaware Wedding Photographers

This picture is becoming more of a standard for modern wedding photography, but there is something to be said for the simple elegance of a bride’s bouquet of flowers on her special day.

Cutting the Cake

Delaware family Photography

Wedding Poses IdeasThe moment shared during the cake cutting is a very special one. This tradition is well established and should not be ignored during the wedding photography.

Walking Away, Together

Delaware Wedding Pictures

Delaware Wedding Photographer The symbolism of this picture highlights the specfic moment in the lives of a newlywed couple. They are looking forward together into their future.

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