Rachel and Dave: Wedding in Rehoboth Delaware

Delaware Wedding PhotographyRachel and Dave met through mutual friends and got to know each other during a weekly trivia night before they began dating. Dave even followed Rachel from MA to Wedding Photography Delawaregraduate school in DC and after dating for six years they got married.

That’s where this typical love story gets a little wild. Rachel had spent countless hours planning every detail of the wedding and made it possible for all the far away guests to easily come to their wedding in Rehoboth Delaware. Since the guests came as far as Washington, Delawre Bridal PhotographyTexas, Florida, and Denmark, Rachel made sure there were plenty of activities for the families to get involved in. Unfortunately, Rachel got a little too involved when she went down a slide with her 2 year old nephew and broke her ankle in three places. For someone who was such a planner, she couldn’t have expected this to happen!

Rachel did not let this stop her from walking down the aisle. She was thrilled when the Delaware Wedding Picturesdoctor told her she could still get married. She realized how lucky she was during her night at the ER. Dave took care of her and her amazing family and friends took up all the odd jobs left without even being Professional Portraitsasked. When she woke up on her wedding day, a whole crew of helpers came to her assistance. She had people help her bathe, do her makeup, fix her hair and help her with her wheelchair.

This is what Rachel had to say about her day: “Through humor and support I was able to feel dignified and special (even though I had to have help using a bedpan). Not only did everyone pitch in, but they all got to know each other in a much more intimate way than I ever could have planned. All of our vendors were ready to Rehoboth Beach Delaware Photographerchange plans and make things work for us, including Escudero Photography. Most importantly, Dave was by my side the whole way, holding my hand for hours in the ER, guarding my leg so no one would run into me, and ever so slowly maneuvering the wheelchair over all the bumps to cause the least discomfort possible.Rehoboth Beach Photography It was a very special weekend, and I am grateful for Katherine and Cristian documenting everything so beautifully.”

Rachel’s story is a beautiful example of not letting anything rain on your parade. Not everything can always go as planned for your wedding day. No matter how much you think you can control every detail, there is always a chance for plans to change. Escudero Photography was able to work with Rachel and Dave to make the photographs as perfect as they would be if Rachel hadn’t broken her ankle. We are very flexible to all our client’s needs.

Professional Wedding Pictures Delaware

The wedding reception was held at a restaurant by the name of Stingray in Rehoboth.

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