The Importance of Family Portraits

Photographers in Delaware“I’ll get around to it”, “My cell phone camera works just fine”, and “I don’t have that kind of money”, these are all typical excuses for putting off your next family portrait session. The truth is, that those excuses won’t be good enough when your children are all grown up and you have no photographic evidence they lived in your house! Escudero Photography can help you figure out the next steps!

Delaware Family Portraits

Don’t wait! There is no better time than right now to get your next family portrait. Kids grow up quickly, so don’t miss a thing. Digital cameras and cell phones are great perks of the age we live in, but the trouble with relying on these alone to document your children’s lives is they aren’t always reliable. The photos may be grainy and poor quality, your Delaware Photographycomputer may break and all the files could be erased, or your son may decide to flush your phone in the toilet during a potty training session. When you visit a professional photography studio like Escudero Photography, we go through the process for you. We’ll take some great photos, select the best ones to print, and we could even make a digital copy for you to share online if you would like. It may be hard to find some wiggle room in your budget, but its well worth Delaware Portraits Maternitythe cost. Our average purchase cost is around $150 in studio and $250 on location, but we have payment plan options if you need to spread your order out for affordability’s sake. Keep in mind, family portraits can start as soon as you’re ready for a family!

Maternity Portraits:

Delaware Maternity

Once you begin planning your family, you should start thinking about photographically documenting your journey. Escudero Photography does very tasteful and beautiful maternity portraits. This type of photo is recommended to be done at 7 months. The photos are a reflection of the personal journey your family is taking.

Newborn Portraits:

Newborn Portraits Delaware

This would be the next step; babies are only teeny tiny for a few months so try to come into our studio before your child is ten days old. This is the best time to get the pictures of your baby sleeping or curled up in your hands. Talk to us before you have your baby, around your due date, and just call us when you get home from the hospital to confirm or rebook if your timing is different then planned. Newborns are top priority in our studio, because the window of opportunity is so small, just like they are!

First Year Portraits:

First Year Portraits Delaware

The more pictures you can take during the first year of your kid’s life, the better! Of course Delaware Pictureswe’d love to see you stop by every month, but that’s only in a perfect world. Ideally 3 or 4Delaware Family Portraits portraits sessions before your child turns a year old would make a perfect first year collage to look back on over the years.

Family Portraits:

delaware family portraits

These should be done at least every two years. It’s sometimes hard to remember, but the Delaware Portraits Familyextra effort will go a long way. By keeping your portraits on a schedule like this, you won’t miss any major life milestones such as pregnancies, loosing teeth, bad haircuts and all the other fun memories that make your family unique.

If you have any questions, you can always check out our previous blogs. Give us a call orstop by the studio if you are interested.


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