Look Great for your Senior Portraits!

Senior Portrait Advice for a 2013 High School Senior from a 2012 High School Graduate.

You’ve made it this far and you’re getting ready for your senior year of high school. Before you start school in the fall, most high schools will recommend that you get senior portraits for your school’s year book. That’s where we, Escudero Photography, come in! Even if you’re only looking to get the yearbook photo and maybe a cap and gown picture, it is well worth it to follow some basic guidelines.

For Girls:

Although it may be tempting to get your highlights touched up and your hair restyled the day before your senior portraits, it is a bad idea to do anything drastic to your appearance before your photo shoot. If something goes wrong, your picture in the senior yearbook will be totally embarrassing! Bring hairspray and bobby pins to your session that day, just in case your hair is out of place.

Another way for hair to go wrong is over-doing it at home. If you typically straighten your hair everyday, it probably would look best to do it that way! If you experiment the week before with different ideas, you won’t be stuck with a strange combination of french braids sticking out in every direction. Keep it natural, simple and easy to redo or fix. Getting it styled at a salon may be too dramatic or formal for these photos.

Drape Yearbook Picture

You will definitely need an undershirt for your drape and/or your cap and gown picture. A light or nude colored camisole or tube top would be best to avoid showing straps or unwanted colors in the picture.

Makeup is a must! Whether you wear it everyday or never before, it’s a great idea to do a bit of foundation or coverup at the bare minimum. A little mascara and a dab of lip balm and you’ll look perfect! On the other hand, be sure not to go completely overboard. Even if your everyday look is dark eyeliner, glitter eyeshadow and brush red blush, the day of your senior portraits is the day to look as natural as possible. Sometimes less is more! If you’re worried about messing up or don’t have much experience with make up, Escudero Photogragphy has a Mary Kay Representative that you can book to do your make up for you before your photo shoot for only $20.

Without Make Up:

Without Makeup Senior Portrait

With Make Up by Mary Kay:

Mary Kay Makeup Senior Portrait

For Guys:

As much as you hate to hear it, your mom does not want a picture of you rocking the 5 day beard and a unibrow. The best look is a clean cut, so “manscape” if you must!!! Shave your facial hair into a specific style or go completely baby face, it photographs much better than the scruffy and unkempt look. Pluck/tweeze any hair out of line so your pictures will be good enough to hang up in the living room without Aunt Susie commenting on your 5 o’clock shadow. Escudero Photography can edit away your pimples, but NOT your facial hair.

Delaware Cap and Gown Senior Portrait

Not only should your facial hair be in check, keep in mind the hair on your head. Sometimes that can get overlooked in the process of getting ready for your pictures. A simple brushing will usuall take care of nasty bedhead. Don’t go overboard with your routine, just do what you usually do to get ready for a school dance. Not preparing on your end will make your pictures unsatisfactory. Believe me, this happens a lot!

Wear an undershirt to make things easier, because you could be changing around a bit. You’ll also need a white button up dress shirt and a tie for your senior yearbook picture and cap and gown picture.

Not many guys would be thrilled to be told to wear make up for their pictures, so we won’t say that! You should, however, wash your face in the morning and blot it with oil absorbent papers. This will reduce shine and reflection in your photographs.

For Everyone:

If you don’t want to stop at just the traditional senior pictures, a whole new trend for senior casual shots has really expanded over the past few years and is becoming a rite of passage. This is your chance to express yourself in a whole new way. If you’re stumped for ideas or need a few tips, keep reading!

Whether your session is in studio or on location, you’ll want a change or a couple changes of clothes. Bring in your outfits on hangers and keep them free of potential wrinkles and stains. Your outfit choices should reflect this moment in your life that you would like to capture before the beginning of your senior year! These photos are unique to you, just look your best.

If you have the financial resources to go on location, a lot of photographic opportunities will be available to you. In the local Smyrna or Clayton area, the Little League fields or Big Oak Park are great options. An additional $85 payment is needed to go anywhere out of town up to 1 hour away from the studio, for example Rehoboth Beach or the Riverfront in Wilmington, but it is well worth it!

Big Oak Park Senior Portraits

Add personality to your pictures! The more of your interests you bring into your session, the more your session will reflect you. A great way to do this is by breaking out your favorite basketball or bring your pet iguana if you want. Whatever you feel shows off your personal style. If you live locally, we can even stop by your house to get pictures with a bigger pet that wouldn’t fit in our studio, like a horse of course!

Senior Picture with Horse DelawareDelaware Casual Soccer Picture

Most of all, come prepared to have fun! Even if your family is completely forcing you against your will to take these, try to smile and relax. It will turn out to be great experience but only if you let it be.

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Katherine or Cristian Escudero
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