How to Prepare for Family Portraits: Father’s Day Fun

Melissa called Escudero Photography to take pictures of the boys for Father’s Day. Her photos are the perfect example of complete preparation as a client.

Delaware Portraits FamilyDelaware Family Pictures

In these group shots, everyone is color coordinated. This does not necessarily mean that every person must wear the same color, although that always works, it simply means to keep the colors matching or complimenting each other. For example in these pictures, all the shirts are vibrant and solid. The boys are all wearing polos to promote this continuity.

Melissa also prepared the boys with different clothing options and equipment. This is vital for getting the most expressive and unique pictures possible. By bringing the bat, ball, and glove, Melissa was able to get action shots of an older boy and cute posed shots of the youngest boy.

Delaware Baby Portraits

Portraits Kid Photography

Whatever the hobby that brings your family together, don’t forget to bring some aspects of that to your family portraits. Capture the memories now, because in a blink of an eye your kids will grow up!

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