Smyrna High School Prom Photobooth

Escuero Photography’s Photo Booths went to the Smyrna High School prom held at the Modern Maturity Center in Dover Delaware this past May.

Several of our employees were attending this event, on the other side of the booth for a change! Take a look at the fun poses they came up with!

Fun Photobooths

Cherie and Courtney are posing opposite each other with a good vs. evil theme.

Photo booth Delaware

Our employee Shelby poses with her friend for some fun pictures that night.

Photobooth Rental

Although Sarah has already graduated from SHS, and Lauren was too young to go to prom, they both worked the photobooth and watched their friends dance the night away. Not before testing out the booth, though!

Photo booth Our employee, Shelby, visisted the booth again with her boyfriend later in the evening.

We hope all our employees and the attendees of the Smyrna High School Prom this year had a wonderful time!

If you wish to book a photobooth or photography session, contact Katherine or Cristian Escudero.

Studio Phone Number: (302) 389-8593
Address: 401 Mainstreet Clayton DE

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