Another beautiful baby visits Escudero Photography

This beautiful little girl came to visit our studio in Clayton Delaware for her newborn portraits. It took us awhile to get her asleep so that we could take her portraits but once we finally got her to go to sleep she did great.

Family Portraits in DelawareUnique Newborn Photography in Delaware

While we where taking this photo her daddy sat over to the side and said “The pom pom is going to get it”. But in the end Daddy got it a little latter in the session.

Sleeping Baby Pictures in Dover DelawareBaby Photography in DelawareFamily Photography in Kent County, DelawareChildhood Portraits in DelawareNewborn Photography in Clayton DelawareFamily Photography Delaware

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Children grow up very quickly. It’s surprising how much time flies in between newborn portaits and 1st birthday photos, so stop by and capture your child’s smile by booking an appointment with us.

Escudero Photography is located in Clayton (Kent County), Delaware.

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