What makes our booth different

Rehoboth Delaware Photo Booth Rental

Studio Flash, canon Camera and Live View screen

Rehoboth Delaware Photo Booth Rental

Clean design with spy screen built in

Rehoboth Delaware Photo Booth Rental

All Black clean design to look great at any event

Rehoboth Delaware Photo Booth Rental

Fun props

Rehoboth Delaware Photo Booth Rental

beautiful bench that can be removed to add access for wheel chairs

I have been asked many times about how our photo booth looks so I decided to write about what makes our booth so different from others.

Our booth is all black that makes it blend into any environment. The simple design allows for the fun of the photo booth while still blending into the room. The curtains allows to continue the solid black on the outside while keeping a clean simple white backdrop to the inside. There is a studio flash on the inside that allows for crystal clear images even with the fastest movement.

The canon camera allows for great images that you can have a blast sharing from your flash drive after the event. The screen on the inside and the outside allows for your guest to see themselves in the live view when they are inside and for the guest on the outside to see all the fun.

The curtains are great because you are able to fit your friends into the booth without problem. I have actually seen 10 and more grown adults with heads in the booth. The other thing that I love is because our bench can be easily removed from the booth if any of your family or friends are in a wheelchair the bench can be removed and the chair can be placed inside the booth allowing everyone to join in the fun.

Our booth includes two trained attendants working the booth

Flash Drive with a copy of the strips and individual images


One copy of the strip for your album and one copy for your guest.

Set up and Delivery for the following areas

fun props

custom designed strip and live view screen

Wilmington, Rehoboth Beach, Lewes Delaware, Newark, Christiana, Middletown, Smyrna, Elkton Maryland and any other point within an hour drive of Smyrna without additional charge.

All of this starts off at only $650.00

If you would like to learn more than visit our website at www.escuderophotography.com 


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