GN Treats

De commercial photographer

Cookie Stack

De commercial photographer

Velvazano Bridge

De commercial photographer

Walnut Street

De commercial photographer

Pennstachio Station

De commercial photographer

Little Germany

De commercial photographer

Little Germany

Delaware Commercial Photographer

The 5 Borough Cookie Chip

We had the pleasure of capturing portraits this weekend for GN Treats a great new local company that makes wonderful cookies. Read a little about them below.

Visit their website at

Based in Delaware, was created by Tenaya & Gregory in 2010.
Gregory and Tenaya are a couple that resides in Delaware but are both from the state of New York. Gregory was born and raised in Long Island, NY, while Tenaya was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. 

Late one winter night, Tenaya and Gregory were enjoying a bowl of pistachio ice cream with chocolate syrup. Greg told Naya, as he engulfed a spoonful of the ice cream, that this would make a great cookie. Intrigued, they  searched for a pistachio cookie but yielded no results. They soon decided to bake their own pistachio cookie. After weeks of trial and error they eventually concocted a pistachio cookie with sliced almonds.  This cookie would later be known as Pennstachio Station.  They decided to name each of the cookies after well known landmarks and locations from their birth place. The couple allowed several people to try this unique cookie flavor. It was an instant success. This cookie inspired the couple to continue to create unique gourmet cookie flavors without the use of artificial flavors or preservatives. They felt that the best tasting treats can only be baked when using natural ingredients.

Today, they remain determined to create unique, natural cookies for everyone’s enjoyment. More flavors are being produced each day. You can rest assure that every freshly baked cookie has been made with you in mind!
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