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imaginative Kids Photography

Escudero Photography is proud to announce our new line of children photography imaginative photography. This line idea came from my own kids. We have moved into a new house and have needed to hang photos of the kids up but we found these 3 beautiful frames that we just loved for individual photos of the kids. Then I had a problem its winter and everything looks dead outside so I started to think of how I could get really original photos of them to hang up now and not in 5 months when the weather breaks. Working with that I went to a store with all 3 of them and we found this bomber jacket for one son and then a black jacket for my other son. Then we found really neat sun glasses we bought them and the kids started playing pilot and spy this got me thinking about their photos. I woke up in the middle of the night with the idea of letting their imagination come to life in the photos. After hours of work on this photo we have completed the first of what I hope is many photos that are truly unique because we created the background.

If you like this photos ask me about our new package with this theme.

Call us at 302-389-8593

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